I Encourage You To Call Ehren And Compare His Net Seller Commission Sheet To Whoever He Is Up Against.

Prior to calling Ehren, I had interviewed 3 other local Real Estate Agents, Ehren made the cut without me even knowing he was a Full Service Realtor with a Flat Fee commission structure.

After learning that Ehren had a new Flat Fee listing program, I was hesitant to hire him. I’m an old school type of girl, I couldn’t help but to think of the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. Dissecting it, Ehren’s commission model tilts the odds in your favor, “heads I win, tails I win”. If you sell over asking, good, you’ve pocketed the profits. If your home doesn’t sell for what you wanted, you’ve saved on commission and therefore have some extra padding. You can’t control what the market will do, you can control how much commission you pay. For the majority of homebuyers, no one buys an overpriced home. A home is worth what a buyer will pay for it and even that is dependent on market conditions. So with all things being equal, (i.e, market exposure, syndicate on the MLS and professional photography) what is the missing puzzle piece that justify an agents commissions? For me, in a balanced market, commission is justified when someone has mastered their craft well enough to close the gap between the seller and buyer – everyone wins and no one feels shortchanged. Obviously, to push the envelope a little further you could save more and choose the FSBO route – however, who can really be the Jack of all trades? I mean, even experienced lawyers hire lawyers to represent them in court.

Back to my review on Ehren. My house was in contract within 2 weeks, he represented me as a seller and now as a buyer. I had him list my primary residence not an investment property so that should speak of solid he is. I was told by others that he would not answer my calls and would farm it out to his assistant once he had the listing agreement. Quite the contrary, I dealt with Ehren solely and he answered all MY CALLS. He is solid, there was no drama. Throughout the entire process, I had the confidence to trust him to get deals done and to text me once it’s done without ever questioning his ability.

The internet has squelched inefficient middlemen in so many industries, it’s rather sad that none of these savings that yield from these advancements has been passed onto end users, home sellers and buyers.

If you’re thinking about listing your home, I encourage you to call Ehren and compare his Net Seller Commission sheet to whoever he is up against. Enough said.