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Ka Wai Leong

Ka Wai Leong

Homes Specialist

Ka Wai Leong is a highly skilled, multilingual (Madarin Chinsese, Cantonese Chinese, English) real estate agent with a passion for helping clients find their dream homes and investment properties. Born and raised in Macau, Ka Wai has a unique blend of cultural experiences and a Medical degree from Peking University. She has lived in Taiwan, Los Angeles, and finally settled in Henderson, NV where she now calls home.

With firsthand experience as a real estate customer, Ka Wai understands the anxieties and potential miscommunications during the buying process. She believes that her experiences make her empathetic and capable of making the transaction as stress-free as possible.

Ka Wai has a passion for real estate that has been in her blood for years. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with clients and meet their real estate needs. With her medical background, high-quality customer service experiences, and her own real estate transactions, Ka Wai is more than competent to meet all your real estate needs.

Ka Wai believes that seamless communication, quick responses to clients, honesty, and transparency are the foundation of a great real estate agent. She and her professional team are dedicated to standing with clients every step of the way.