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Ehren Alessi

Ehren Alessi

Founder / CEO

Combining my 20 years of living in the Las Vegas valley with over 15 years’ experience inReal Estate, I’ve been able to develop an unparalleled expertise in our local housing market. I know the communities, I know the neighborhoods, and I know what makes the difference in a successful real estate transaction. This experience has allowed me to consistently deliver results for my valued clients.

Since 2011, I’ve ranked top five in home sales and have been formally recognized as a Top Listing Agent two years running. With over 4,000 homes sold, including equity sales, short sales, and foreclosure sales, my transactional knowledge is second to none. For Buyers and Sellers engaging in one of the biggest financial transactions of their life – they deserve nothing less!

While my experience provides a solid foundation, my marketing and technological infrastructure is what provides the extra edge:

“ For sellers, I leverage the most effective marketing mediums (particularly the Internet) by utilizing today’s most powerful technologies. My state of the art marketing tools are proven to reach targeted buyer demographics and get sellers maximum exposure on their home.